A Bolt From The Blue 19th-23rd November 2013

The Play
Edward Jones was just an ordinary man, doing ordinary things- until the day before his 40th birthday. What happened next was, quite literally, incredible. It defies belief. It defies logic. It defies the fundamental laws of science and nature. But it happened. With his latest comedy, adapted from his novel of the same name, David Tristram brings his trademark hilarity to every page, but with a poignant and unusual story that tingles every nerve ending before reaching its extraordinary conclusion.


The Author
David Tristram (born 1957, Quarry Bank, UK) is an English comic playwright. He has published twenty three plays, videos/two films and a comedy novel. Widely performed by amateur and professional groups, his plays have parodied such pop-culture genres as soap operas and detective stories.
Educated at Dudley Grammar School and Birmingham University, where he studied English and music, Tristram was a commercial copywriter before turning to comedy. In 1985 he founded the Flying Ducks Theatre Company, which has now become a professional touring company. The enterprise has expanded into the Flying Ducks Group, which stages conferences and other events, provides audio-visual and Internet production services, and represents actors.
Tristram’s plays take a farcical view of sex, alcohol, drugs, crime, and theatre itself. Tristram claims he writes only comedy because he can’t take himself too seriously. He usually tests his new work at a small theatre in Bridgnorth near his home in Highley before wider release. His plays have been performed in South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico and Europe among other locations.

The Director

Sheila Hetherington.Sheila H 200







The Cast

Edward – Tom Smith
Nugent – Peter Collins
Farmer – Ian Hague
Rogers – Ian Hague
Sarah – Sue Slobom
Fire Chief – Peter Burkey
Newsreaders – Peter Burkey, Annie Makepeace
DC Javis – Peter Burkey
Paramedics – Bev Slobom,Yvette Owen
Receptionist – Karen McCabe
Doctor – Annie Makepeace
Mary – Karen McCabe
Reporter – Karen McCabe
Nurse – Sarah Flannery
Narrators – David Durrant, Karen McCabe, Chad Meadows and Bev Slobom


 Tom S H200  Peter C 200  Ian H200  Sue S H200

              Tom                                        Peter                                  Ian                                           Sue

Peter B H200  Annie M 200  Bev S H200

          Peter                                          Annie                                     Bev

Yvette O H200  Karen Mc H200  Sarah F H200

                  Yvette                                   Karen                                   Sarah

David D H200  Chadd H200

David                                                   Chad



 The Crew

H200  Sue H200Joan C H200Mark G H200







Norman                                     Sue                                         Joan                                      Mark

Graham Steve Ian H200Sharon C H200u H200








Graham                            Steve                           Ian                           Sharon                     Mike


Reviews (Ian Hornby – CTG)
“A funny evening all round,” – “Clever use of stage, props and furnishings. Committed cast.”
“It’s always good to witness a director (along with whatever supporting staff realise the results) go “above and beyond the call of duty”.”