Few things are as satisfying as directing a play and for first-timers we mentor you all the way.

The first step is finding a play that you like and that can be cast from members of the group, before studying it in some depth and deciding how you see the various characters. The next step is to choose audition pieces, hold auditions and cast the play.

Once this has been done a back stage team is chosen and a rehearsal schedule is arranged. At Moulton we usually rehearse for around six weeks, three times a week. At the production meetings the director discusses the set with the crew and arrangements are made for set building, lighting and props.

The earlier the set can be designed and built the more helpful it is to the actors as they can then rehearse ‘in situ’. The director talks to the props team, wardrobe people, lighting and sound teams at an early stage so that they are fully aware of what is required to make the play a success.
The director is in charge of rehearsals and he or she usually works out possible moves for the actors in advance, instructs the actors at “blocking out” rehearsals and makes suggestions that will help them to improve their performance and bring the whole production together.
It’s hard work and time consuming but fantastically rewarding when it’s curtains up!