Set Design

Set ConstructionIf you want to be involved in the theatre but prefer to be behind the scenes, set design might be just what you’re looking for!

Set building days are always very enjoyable with lots of laughter, leg pulling and banter. The process begins some months before a play is performed. The set design is usually worked out between the director and the set designer and then a set building team is gathered together by the Stage Manager to construct it. It’s the job of the set building team to put the designer’s vision into practice.

Measures are measured, hammers are hammered and saws are sawed at a frenzy until the job is done. It only leaves the job of painting and putting the fiddly bits in to complete the task. We are justly proud of the high standard of our sets, many of which have won awards – and of course, that is all down to great team effort.

Whether or not you have any previous experience in DIY or painting, there are plenty of people on hand to guide and encourage, and all offers of help are gratefully accepted. You never know we could uncover a hidden talent that you never knew you had. Even lunch is provided, what more could you ask?