Caramba’s revenge Autumn 2014

 The Autumn 2014 play performance is Caramba’s Revenge by William Norfolk .

The Play

A black comedy with a cast of 6 females and 1 male, it tells the story of  four retired ladies who have formed a co-operative, sharing their lives in Violet’s rented house, pooling their pensions and sharing the chores. That is until Violet dies after a mugging. Needing to hold on to her pension book and rent book Marge, Lottie and Doris omit to tell the authorities and leave Violet’s body peacefully in a cemetery.

Life goes on happily until the arrival of Violet’s granddaughter, Ronnie, from Australia, the police in the person of Inspector Grubb, and another housemate, Rose (complete with a parrot)…


The Director.

It will be directed by Annie Makepeace and offers some fabulous character parts for 5 ladies of a certain age plus 2 younger roles (1M/1F).

If you would like more details or a copy to read please contact Annie direct on 01565 734226 or by e mail on 

Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved.


The Cast.

(Coming Soon)