Mdg to cease staging plays

mdg logoMoulton Drama Group’s members decided at the Annual General Meeting to stop producing and performing plays for the foreseeable future.

We were formed in the spring of 1981 by a group of Moulton residents eager to see if they had the talent and enthusiasm to put together a production that would attract an audience from the village.

The first play performed was “Billy Liar” staged just five months after the group was founded. It was well attended and considered such a success that further productions followed. Success bred success and we were soon performing three plays every year and attracting bigger and bigger audiences from around Mid Cheshire and further afield.

We were proud to win prestigious awards from Cheshire Theatre Guild and Cheshire Community Council as well as featuring regularly in the annual Guardian Theatre Awards, winning the their Rose Bowl in 2000.

We were fortunate to attract a loyal and enthusiastic audience which has remained faithful for 36 years. I am sure you will all have your favourite memories of the 90 plays which we have produced over the years.

Many of the founder members who met in 1981 are still active today and many recruits have followed on to maintain the high standards the members set themselves.

However in recent times we have found it difficult to sustain the production of three plays each year while filling acting and technical roles has become more difficult. The age profile of the members has, unsurprisingly, moved from the thirties to the sixties and is still increasing. It seems that every month somebody says “ We’re not getting any younger”.

It was, therefore, with some sadness that we decided to put play production on hold and look around to see if we can use our resources in other ways to benefit the performing arts in Moulton. We have lots of memories and long-lasting friendships coming out of our shared love of drama.

We have decided that the name Moulton Drama Group should be “retired” in its present form and so you will not receive any more invitations to our venue to see plays.

In the coming months we shall be looking at other ways in which we might promote the dramatic arts in and around Moulton and so you may well hear from us again in another guise when we may be able to offer you entertainment of a different kind. Maybe another play; who knows?

It only remains for us to thank all our members, past and present, all our audiences past and present and all those sponsors and people freely giving of their time to make MDG a success.

Thank you all.